Joys of Journals

 Journals themselves have specific smells, whether it’s the rustic smell of an old book, the warm or cool smell of leather (depending on which kind of leather), or the smell of residual ink left on the pages.  It’s so comforting that it puts me in a really good place to start writing. FROM: "Why I … Continue reading Joys of Journals

A Not-So-Great Day

Since Sunday my days have been more good than bad.  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday all fell into the category of what I would call good days. I was feeling positive, happy even, and was being really productive. Tuesday was an off day and then today happened. I woke up exhausted, didn't know what to … Continue reading A Not-So-Great Day

Three Weeks Later

It's been nearly three weeks since my last post. I don't really know what happened. I've been struggling. In the last two weeks I've had three therapy appointments which, considering I'm supposed to have one every two weeks, tells you a lot probably. I've been feeling helpless, hopeless, and financially strained. Even though I'm actually … Continue reading Three Weeks Later

Damn Pharmaceutical Companies

Is that who I get to be mad at right now? Pharmaceutical companies? Are they the reason it would cost the pharmacy over $1000 just to order a new prescription that my doctor ordered? The reason it is $100/month after my insurance has a go at it? Now, because it's so expensive, I have to go … Continue reading Damn Pharmaceutical Companies

New Diagnosis

So my psychiatrist has been flirting with the idea lately of looking at me in regards to Bipolar Disorder. I never really felt like that diagnosis fit me because I don't have manic highs or anything. Really, I just feel really depressed a lot of the time. But I have a lot of problems with … Continue reading New Diagnosis

Poem // Una poema Divided

Written February 8, 2017 By: Melissa McLaughlin ©2017; McLaughlin Una poema Divided Quiero escribir a poem pero mi mente está divided, medio en inglés, half in Spanish. Everything es confundida, appears lost, como mi. No sé como continue on, encontrar la luz, when everything is dark. No puedo ask for the help that I need … Continue reading Poem // Una poema Divided

Being Open With Your Therapist

Something I value: Honesty. Something I learned: It is super important to have an open and honest relationship with your therapist. So, this was the situation: I was supposed to have a therapy appointment yesterday at 3:15pm. My therapist was unintentionally running late and also thought our appointment was at 3:30. As a result, she … Continue reading Being Open With Your Therapist