Processing Grief

Everyone processes grief in their own way. Eight years ago today, my brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. He was married to my oldest sister but he wasn't just a brother-in-law to me. He was a friend, a brother, a respected older-adult-figure and he was one of the most important people in my life. When he died, … Continue reading Processing Grief


Things are Frustrating

So, in my last post I talked about making positive steps. I was going to the gym, I started a meal plan, etc. Well, soon after writing that post I injured my lower back somehow (maybe at the gym, maybe not) and since then have been having bad pain that I think is sciatic, because … Continue reading Things are Frustrating

Taking Positive Steps

So, my last post was about having some severe self-esteem issues. I was having negative thoughts about myself, labeling myself, and judging myself. One thing my therapist told me when she heard me calling myself names like, "Ugly," "Fat," etc. was to suggest that I stop judging myself and using such negative language and instead … Continue reading Taking Positive Steps

Self-Esteem Issues

So, last weekend was a rough one for me. My sister, her girlfriend, and my cousin were all over and I tried so hard to fit in. I really did. I made myself go outside on the back deck with them, I sang some songs with them, I played with my sister's puppy, and even … Continue reading Self-Esteem Issues

The “Fourth Wheel”

Depression is a bitch. Let's be real. It so is. I had such a great beginning of my week, with all the yard work I was doing outside. I think part of the problem is that I wore myself out with three consecutive days of hard work outside in the sun. I ended up exhausted … Continue reading The “Fourth Wheel”

Working Outside

There's something about working outside in sunny weather that makes me feel so good. I love it. Yesterday, I trimmed the rose bushes in front of my (Grandma’s) house. It might be kind of hard to see the difference in the above pictures, but it took a good hour and a half. Today, I spent … Continue reading Working Outside

Helping a Friend

So, a couple weeks ago one of my friends called me up and asked if I would be available to help out at a book bazaar that she was planning and organizing. She offered to pay me $20 but I immediately squashed that and said I didn't need money to help her out. So, she … Continue reading Helping a Friend