So… Hospital Again

Mental illness isn't always predictable (or is it ever, really?) and sometimes it seems to make no sense at all. I live rent-free with family, I have loving family and friends, I have a new job (part-time) that I actually enjoy, working with people I actually like, and I have stable, consistent work hours.  So, … Continue reading So… Hospital Again


WordPress Anniversary

According to my notifications, I officially joined WordPress 4 years ago. So, to anyone who has read my blog, I'm really interested to know, has it helped you in some way? Inspired you? Is there something you think I could work on? I truly would love for you all to comment and let me know. … Continue reading WordPress Anniversary

Being Sick Can be a Real Vulnerability

So, for the last month, month and a half, I've been doing great. I adjusted how often I'm going to therapy so now it's every other week instead of every week. The last two appointments with my therapist were like, "I'm doing great!" Then getting sick happened. Some sort of upper-respiratory virus that antibiotics can't … Continue reading Being Sick Can be a Real Vulnerability

Why I Do This

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I post about my mental health struggles on this blog. Do people really care? Do they really want to know about my life? And then I get a comment or two that reminds me why I do this. The comments were similar in nature, one on my blog here … Continue reading Why I Do This

Poem // Disconnected

Disconnected Boisterous laughs, music from an iPhoneand the different tonesof multiple, overlapping conversations swirlaround. They penetrate me to my core,tensing my gut,feet shakingand eyes staring deeplyat I don't know what. Everyone surrounding is engaged,present,yet I feel lost,miles awayyet trapped. Unable to move,to smile, to laugh,I sit stoicallyuntil my attention is jerkedback to the presentby a … Continue reading Poem // Disconnected

Resolving to Journal More

I love to journal. There's something cathartic about getting things out and there's nothing quite like the feel of your hand gliding along paper as you write. I haven't been journaling very consistently lately. I usually use the excuse that I'm too busy or too tired and that I'll "do it tomorrow." This is my … Continue reading Resolving to Journal More