Emotional Roller Coaster

Today has been an emotional ride. I don't understand. Is this what normal is supposed to feel like? Ups and downs? Going from angry and on edge to having a fantastic time with my dad at dinner to feeling like I'm in an incredible amount of emotional pain? I literally don't know what to do. … Continue reading Emotional Roller Coaster

When A Post Just Hits You

So, there's this post from Hazel Hillboro that I read last night that really got to me. All about "revolution in the way society treats mental health." I've linked it below. If you’re reading this right now, you’re alive. Well, unless literate ghosts are real. What if someone really famous is reading this over my … Continue reading When A Post Just Hits You

Damn Pharmaceutical Companies

Is that who I get to be mad at right now? Pharmaceutical companies? Are they the reason it would cost the pharmacy over $1000 just to order a new prescription that my doctor ordered? The reason it is $100/month after my insurance has a go at it? Now, because it's so expensive, I have to go … Continue reading Damn Pharmaceutical Companies

Restful Sleep Is So Crucial… Yet So Far Away

One of the things I've learned over the last few years is that restful sleep is so crucial to my mental health. If I don't have a good night's sleep I am extremely vulnerable to my emotions, especially where my depression is concerned. So it's incredibly frustrating that my sleep has been so disrupted lately. … Continue reading Restful Sleep Is So Crucial… Yet So Far Away

Maybe I’m Really a Bitch and Just Never Show It

I have conversations in my head with family members all the time. Not like hearing voices, but imagining scenarios (oftentimes catastrophizing scenarios) in which I lash out or say how I'm really feeling. Like a few minutes ago. I've been feeling... off... for hours now. For a while my art was distracting me, but not … Continue reading Maybe I’m Really a Bitch and Just Never Show It

No, I’m Not Racist, Sexist, etc.

I didn't vote. I know, this probably isn't the most "politic" way to start this post. Some people may not click on this entry because of that first sentence. They might say I'm lazy. That Trump winning (since I was planning on voting for Hillary) is partly my fault. There's a lot of anger going … Continue reading No, I’m Not Racist, Sexist, etc.