I Will Not Self Harm 

A few nights ago, Sunday to be exact, I felt that I was in a bit of an emotional crisis. My mood had rapidly deteriorated over the course of the day and I was having very intense urges (not just thoughts) to self harm. I wasn't originally going to write a post about this since … Continue reading I Will Not Self Harm 


It’s Not Always About Me

Depression tells is it's all about us. "But wait," you say. "I thought it tells is it is never about us. That we don't matter, that we are insignificant." Yes. That's also true. Are you confused? Yeah, so am I. All. The. Time. Now, what prompted this disconcerting and confusing thought process? Well, that would … Continue reading It’s Not Always About Me

Last Night’s Diary Entry

Sometimes I feel that these "good" days are devastating. It's like a tease. I'm miserable so much of the time. Then life comes along and says, "Here, have a good day - have some happiness!" The happiness feels good - it's almost like a shock to the system. Then, just when you let yourself fully enjoy it, just when you accept it - BAM! Life says, "just kidding! Be depressed again!"

Recovery Isn’t Always Easy

You know, I used to be in a really bad place.  I was cutting, suicidal, apathetic, doing nothing with my life, and just wanting to cry all the time.  It was very dire and serious.  Now I am doing so much better.  Yet I feel that everyone will compare me to how I used to … Continue reading Recovery Isn’t Always Easy

Why I Like to Journal by Hand

I got the idea of writing this post while scrolling through the newly pressed section of the website.  Someone else had written something about writing things by hand.  I didn't read the post, but it did inspire me to write this one. Why do I care? That's an excellent question.  Why do I like to … Continue reading Why I Like to Journal by Hand