Poem // Freedom

Written December 20, 2016 ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin Freedom Standing in near darkness, I can see just enough to realize I can’t see a thing beyond my body, illuminated ethereally from above. Looking down I see my hair is loose, cascading over my chest. Wearing a simple black tank top and blue jeans, I feel comfortable, … Continue reading Poem // Freedom

Poem // Escape

Escape Rough pavement chills my feet as I step briskly, purposefully, off the porch, across the sidewalk, and down the driveway. Toes curl involuntarily into the freezing blades, dewy grass nearly indistinct in the darkness. Hands reach up, grasping around rough, rounded edges, tree limbs offering helping hands. Climbing over and ducking under, my body … Continue reading Poem // Escape

My Own Website!

So, if you read one of my posts from earlier this week, you might remember that I recently designed a website for my sister using wix.com. Well, I enjoyed it so much that I followed up on my sister's suggestion to make a website for myself! It is a lot less intricate than hers because … Continue reading My Own Website!

Is This “Normal”?

So, I'm really quite curious about something. I've been so used to being stagnant in my life. I've been home from college for nearly 2 years now and I have had no job or progress in any other part of my life other than therapy. As I've mentioned before, my depression has been kicking my … Continue reading Is This “Normal”?

When Writing Becomes Hard

I've been wanting to write a post for a week yet I've been unable to. The first sentence of this post was written a day before this sentence. My mood has been... low. I think I described it in therapy today as "monotone." I don't mean that I was speaking in a monotone (although I … Continue reading When Writing Becomes Hard

Poem // Disappointment

Written September 9, 2016 ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin What is it about people that disappoints me so much? Unfulfilled promises? But no - it wasn't a promise. Not really. Those two words never left your mouth. A commitment then - one that you backed out of does "sure, we can do that later" count? To me … Continue reading Poem // Disappointment

Poem // Detached

September 9, 2016 ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin What is there to write about? What is there to say? My bed and pillows beckon me to sleep away the day - the night too, and anything in between. Is there anything? It doesn't matter really. No t.v. No books. No movies. No art. No writing. No talking. … Continue reading Poem // Detached