A Little Friend Time

Guys, I haven't seen most of my college friends in nearly 2 years. 2 years! It's been so long. Well, this past weekend I got to see several of them for a bridal shower during the day in Illinois and 2 nights out in Holland. I was so excited. I could barely sleep the first night I … Continue reading A Little Friend Time

A Kind Soul

On Monday evening, my mom, two of my sisters, and myself went out to dinner at an Outback near my home to celebrate my two years clean of self harm. When my mom and I were waiting for my sisters to arrive, I decided to order a pop (I recently gave it up) because I … Continue reading A Kind Soul

Being Open With Your Therapist

Something I value: Honesty. Something I learned: It is super important to have an open and honest relationship with your therapist. So, this was the situation: I was supposed to have a therapy appointment yesterday at 3:15pm. My therapist was unintentionally running late and also thought our appointment was at 3:30. As a result, she … Continue reading Being Open With Your Therapist

Ending a Friendship

It can really suck when a friendship comes to an end. It's not always our choice. Sometimes it's the choice of the person that was our friend or who we thought was our friend. It usually hurts. Especially when it's not our choice. I have a friend that I was so close to. She knew … Continue reading Ending a Friendship

A Stranger’s Kindness

A just read this article, "An Open Letter to a Person With Mental Illness" by Rachel Griffin on The Huffington Post. I saw the link on Twitter and thought, "Hmm... This could be interesting." I wasn't expecting to be touched emotionally by the content. I wasn't expecting to feel less alone and more understood. But that's … Continue reading A Stranger’s Kindness

Song // Break the Silence

This is a song I started writing over 2 years ago. I only had about a minute and a half worth of lyrics and then I stopped. I picked it back up yesterday and, without writing anything else down, just started recording myself singing. The song is meant to bring awareness to suicide and let … Continue reading Song // Break the Silence