Update: Health, New Job, and Dating

I feel like so many things have been happening lately - changing. I guess it's really not that much, but I've been having some health issues. I've been put on a "low carb diet" by my doctor because at my annual wellness exam my triglycerides were high. So basically I've been trying to cut out pastas, breads, … Continue reading Update: Health, New Job, and Dating


This Time Last Year

I just came across my post from this time last year. Ringing in the New Year last year was not super joyful. I was depressed, defeated, struggling with my job, and crying a lot of the time. I am so happy to say that this New Year has started out in such a great way. … Continue reading This Time Last Year

I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

I didn't make it through my whole shift today. For those of you who don't know, I work part-time at a fast food chain near my house. Today I was scheduled to work from 6am to 1pm. I was working Order Take, meaning I would greet people over the headset at the drive thru and … Continue reading I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

Part-Time Job Time and Coping

Guys, I have a part-time job. One of the job interviews I rescheduled offered me the job. It's part-time, minimum wage at a fast food restaurant and I have had a lot of emotions about it. I've been nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and excited. Part of those emotions are to be expected with a new job … Continue reading Part-Time Job Time and Coping