I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

I didn't make it through my whole shift today. For those of you who don't know, I work part-time at a fast food chain near my house. Today I was scheduled to work from 6am to 1pm. I was working Order Take, meaning I would greet people over the headset at the drive thru and … Continue reading I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today


Scheduling is Hard

A few days ago  I wrote a post about how my twin helped me out. I was stressing out pretty badly about where I am in life and my depression making things difficult and so, together, we made me a daily schedule that I was going to start trying to follow yesterday. And actually, the … Continue reading Scheduling is Hard

Celebrating Accomplishments

Doing the simplest of tasks while in the midst of a depressive episode can seem impossible at times. Just getting out of bed can leave us exhausted, which is annoying as hell since generally people expect to feel awake and refreshed after a night of sleep. Yet even this is denied to many people fighting … Continue reading Celebrating Accomplishments