My schedule plan was hard to follow through on. I did pretty well for about a week and then my period hit. I was suddenly fatigued and really emotional. My mood was really low and suddenly I was having difficulty with basic care like brushing my teeth, showering, and eating. And it was the week … Continue reading Update


The Importance of a Schedule… And the Difficulty

My last post was over two weeks ago and things were rough. I had called a crisis line because I was struggling with self-harm urges and thankfully I made it through without acting on them. Since then I've had "good" and "bad" days. On the good I was having such a great time. Going out … Continue reading The Importance of a Schedule… And the Difficulty

Scheduling is Hard

A few days ago  I wrote a post about how my twin helped me out. I was stressing out pretty badly about where I am in life and my depression making things difficult and so, together, we made me a daily schedule that I was going to start trying to follow yesterday. And actually, the … Continue reading Scheduling is Hard

A Twin’s Perspective

Sometimes what we need is a little perspective. When we are entrenched in our own circumstances (mine including depression, unemployment, anxiety, and hopelessness) it is difficult to see things objectively. We become trapped in our emotions, our ways of talking to ourselves and looking at situations. This is when having a twin sister comes in … Continue reading A Twin’s Perspective