Three Years!

Today, March 28th, 2018, marks three years since I've stopped cutting. Last year I celebrated on March 27th, but then I realized that March 27th, 2015 was the last day that I actually cut. So, I wanted to celebrate the three year mark of when I stopped. So, March 28th. It has been such a struggle … Continue reading Three Years!


My Poems are on Kindle!

So, as some of you may know, I've been working on a poetry manuscript that I've been wanting to self-publish through CreateSpace. I really just want to have that physical book in my hands! Well, that's still in the process, but through that I've also been able to put my poems on Kindle using Amazon … Continue reading My Poems are on Kindle!

Emotional Roller Coaster

Today has been an emotional ride. I don't understand. Is this what normal is supposed to feel like? Ups and downs? Going from angry and on edge to having a fantastic time with my dad at dinner to feeling like I'm in an incredible amount of emotional pain? I literally don't know what to do. … Continue reading Emotional Roller Coaster

No Grandma, I Don’t Want to Come Inside

So, one of my skills from therapy that I use when my emotional intensity is very high is related to cold temperatures. In the past, I've gone in the lake, taken completely cold showers with all of my clothing on, put ice packs on my face while holding my breath, or stepped outside without a … Continue reading No Grandma, I Don’t Want to Come Inside

Scheduling is Hard

A few days ago  I wrote a post about how my twin helped me out. I was stressing out pretty badly about where I am in life and my depression making things difficult and so, together, we made me a daily schedule that I was going to start trying to follow yesterday. And actually, the … Continue reading Scheduling is Hard

Depression & Friendships & Insecurities

Depression lies. Most people who have experienced depression (either directly or indirectly) can tell you this. Those of us working on recovery, on coping and learning to live our lives again, can really attest to that fact. I sometimes like to say that my brain is being an ass-hole; by my brain I am, of … Continue reading Depression & Friendships & Insecurities

Is This “Normal”?

So, I'm really quite curious about something. I've been so used to being stagnant in my life. I've been home from college for nearly 2 years now and I have had no job or progress in any other part of my life other than therapy. As I've mentioned before, my depression has been kicking my … Continue reading Is This “Normal”?