A Little Friend Time

Guys, I haven't seen most of my college friends in nearly 2 years. 2 years! It's been so long. Well, this past weekend I got to see several of them for a bridal shower during the day in Illinois and 2 nights out in Holland. I was so excited. I could barely sleep the first night I … Continue reading A Little Friend Time


A Twin’s Perspective

Sometimes what we need is a little perspective. When we are entrenched in our own circumstances (mine including depression, unemployment, anxiety, and hopelessness) it is difficult to see things objectively. We become trapped in our emotions, our ways of talking to ourselves and looking at situations. This is when having a twin sister comes in … Continue reading A Twin’s Perspective

Look Beneath the Surface

So, the boring back-story of the experience I am gearing up to write about today is that I came over to my eldest sister's house at 8:30 this morning so I could be here when the internet installation tech guy would be over between 9am and 11am. So, now that I have that "back-story" (but … Continue reading Look Beneath the Surface