Ending a Friendship

It can really suck when a friendship comes to an end. It's not always our choice. Sometimes it's the choice of the person that was our friend or who we thought was our friend. It usually hurts. Especially when it's not our choice. I have a friend that I was so close to. She knew … Continue reading Ending a Friendship

Poem // Catch Me When I Fall

Written: January 10, 2017 By: Melissa McLaughlin ©2017 Melissa McLaughlin Catch Me When I Fall Flower petals in full bloom, a soft bed upon which I may rest my head, caress my skin and cushion my landing. Staving off incumbent pain, they fill me now with joy; awe and wonder alights my face, eyes sparkle … Continue reading Poem // Catch Me When I Fall

Surprising Myself At Work

I surprised myself today, guys. I was scheduled to work a 7 hour shift. I didn't sleep well last night and so, after I took my morning Lithium, I got nauseous at work. I was exhausted so my heart rate was elevated while trying to work. 4 hours into my shift I felt like I'd … Continue reading Surprising Myself At Work

No, I’m Not Racist, Sexist, etc.

I didn't vote. I know, this probably isn't the most "politic" way to start this post. Some people may not click on this entry because of that first sentence. They might say I'm lazy. That Trump winning (since I was planning on voting for Hillary) is partly my fault. There's a lot of anger going … Continue reading No, I’m Not Racist, Sexist, etc.

My Own Website!

So, if you read one of my posts from earlier this week, you might remember that I recently designed a website for my sister using wix.com. Well, I enjoyed it so much that I followed up on my sister's suggestion to make a website for myself! It is a lot less intricate than hers because … Continue reading My Own Website!

Depression & Friendships & Insecurities

Depression lies. Most people who have experienced depression (either directly or indirectly) can tell you this. Those of us working on recovery, on coping and learning to live our lives again, can really attest to that fact. I sometimes like to say that my brain is being an ass-hole; by my brain I am, of … Continue reading Depression & Friendships & Insecurities

Look Beneath the Surface

So, the boring back-story of the experience I am gearing up to write about today is that I came over to my eldest sister's house at 8:30 this morning so I could be here when the internet installation tech guy would be over between 9am and 11am. So, now that I have that "back-story" (but … Continue reading Look Beneath the Surface