Sudden Mood Shifts

So, today was great. The last few days have been great. I've been being and feeling really productive at life-type things like babysitting, working towards getting a job, cleaning, helping my sister build an entertainment system, helping my nephew rake leaves. It's been so good. Last night, talking to one of my friends on the phone, I … Continue reading Sudden Mood Shifts


A Bad Day on Vacation is Still a Good Day

So my last post was about how vacation can be rough sometimes, especially while travelling. But weirdly enough, even my "bad" or "rough" days on vacation were still pretty good days, which I could see looking back at my mood graph that I keep. Looking at my graph, all of my days on vacation (starting … Continue reading A Bad Day on Vacation is Still a Good Day

Why Am I So Depressed This Week?

PMS or Depression? An important distinction and question.  About half a week ago I found myself almost bursting into tears at what seemed to be the most inconsequential things.  I had just finished up my period and was into the few days directly following it and my emotions felt like they were out of control. … Continue reading Why Am I So Depressed This Week?