I Will Not Self Harm 

A few nights ago, Sunday to be exact, I felt that I was in a bit of an emotional crisis. My mood had rapidly deteriorated over the course of the day and I was having very intense urges (not just thoughts) to self harm. I wasn't originally going to write a post about this since … Continue reading I Will Not Self Harm 


A Good Therapy Appointment

I feel that the tone of a therapy appointment can influence the rest of your day.

Joys of Journals

 Journals themselves have specific smells, whether it’s the rustic smell of an old book, the warm or cool smell of leather (depending on which kind of leather), or the smell of residual ink left on the pages.  It’s so comforting that it puts me in a really good place to start writing. FROM: "Why I … Continue reading Joys of Journals

Why I Like to Journal by Hand

I got the idea of writing this post while scrolling through the newly pressed section of the website.  Someone else had written something about writing things by hand.  I didn't read the post, but it did inspire me to write this one. Why do I care? That's an excellent question.  Why do I like to … Continue reading Why I Like to Journal by Hand