Part-Time Job Time and Coping

Guys, I have a part-time job. One of the job interviews I rescheduled offered me the job. It's part-time, minimum wage at a fast food restaurant and I have had a lot of emotions about it. I've been nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and excited. Part of those emotions are to be expected with a new job … Continue reading Part-Time Job Time and Coping


Celebrating Accomplishments

Doing the simplest of tasks while in the midst of a depressive episode can seem impossible at times. Just getting out of bed can leave us exhausted, which is annoying as hell since generally people expect to feel awake and refreshed after a night of sleep. Yet even this is denied to many people fighting … Continue reading Celebrating Accomplishments

I’m Getting What I Want and Now I’m a Little Scared

So, when thinking about going into my psychiatry appointment today, I knew that I definitely wanted to have my medication adjusted. I felt that way during my last appointment (back in September) but I was so tired, emotionally and physically, that I backed down from my suggestion when my psychiatrist mentioned that a lot of … Continue reading I’m Getting What I Want and Now I’m a Little Scared

Exercising Through Strong Emotions

Things have been rough lately. I just had a therapy appointment this past Tuesday (a.k.a 3 days ago) and I usually see my therapist every 2 weeks. I felt hesitant leaving our last session and today set up an appointment with her for this coming Sunday. I had actually placed a call to my therapist … Continue reading Exercising Through Strong Emotions

My Goal is Enough

Yesterday I was talking to my sister at about 4pm. I was just about to take a nap and I called her about our upcoming plans later this week (for our birthday). Perhaps she could hear the apathy and dead quality in my voice, but something prompted her to ask (in the most chirpy, energetic … Continue reading My Goal is Enough

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing padre out there (yes I am talking about my dad), Michael McLaughlin.  He works too hard but is so kind, caring, and loving.  I love him so much and I don't get to spend enough time with him, generally speaking.  This is why I LOVE Father's Day.  We … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day