Poem // Visitation Hours

It shouldn't be this waybetween you and me. My heart constricts,a tightening that's almost painful.Energy pulsates down my limbs,dancing across toes and fingertips.Heels bounce with a mind of their ownand fingers spread wide then clenchunder the table,too chaotic to be rhythmic or beautiful.Insipid small talk fills the silencebut fills me, too,fills me up until I'm fit … Continue reading Poem // Visitation Hours


Poem // Buried Deep

Buried Deep I couldn't face you so I smiled instead. I created a cage to hold you: darkened steel, dinged and battered from your furious assault and efforts to crawl up, out of my body to see the light of day— escape. Feral snarls and growls echoed from your many mouths, your innumerable faces screwed … Continue reading Poem // Buried Deep

Where Have I Been?

I feel like it's been so long since I've last written. Weirdly enough, when I'm doing really well, sometimes I forget about blogging here. So, that's the good news at least. I've been doing really well. The term my psychologist likes to use is "stable." According to her, this is the longest she's seen me … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

Painting to Bring Me Out of My Mindlessness

The other night I was pretty miserable. I didn't really want to do anything and, as a result, ended up playing a computer game (Civilization V) for hours. And I do mean hours. I finally realized that I had reached a point where I was no longer enjoying the game. I was playing mindlessly, as if my … Continue reading Painting to Bring Me Out of My Mindlessness

Appreciate Nature’s Beauty

Sometimes, when we are not feeling well, it is hard to appreciate the beauty that exists in the natural world all around us. About a year ago I remember noticing the colors of the leaves in Autumn. It was as if I hadn't seen them in years (which it felt like I hadn't, being so … Continue reading Appreciate Nature’s Beauty

When Creativity Strikes

There is something incrediby unusual about the way creativity strikes me.  I don't usually feel it "coming on." In many ways it feels quite sudden. Sometimes I purposely turn to a creative outlet, be it drawing or writing poetry, when I am beginning to feel the warning signs of depression or anxiety (not that I … Continue reading When Creativity Strikes