WordPress Anniversary

According to my notifications, I officially joined WordPress 4 years ago. So, to anyone who has read my blog, I'm really interested to know, has it helped you in some way? Inspired you? Is there something you think I could work on? I truly would love for you all to comment and let me know. … Continue reading WordPress Anniversary


Why I Do This

Sometimes I wonder to myself why I post about my mental health struggles on this blog. Do people really care? Do they really want to know about my life? And then I get a comment or two that reminds me why I do this. The comments were similar in nature, one on my blog here … Continue reading Why I Do This

A Stranger’s Kindness

A just read this article, "An Open Letter to a Person With Mental Illness" by Rachel Griffin on The Huffington Post. I saw the link on Twitter and thought, "Hmm... This could be interesting." I wasn't expecting to be touched emotionally by the content. I wasn't expecting to feel less alone and more understood. But that's … Continue reading A Stranger’s Kindness


Guys! I have 100 followers on this blog! I am so excited and I am completely geeking out! I love writing on this blog about mental illness and my journey with it and sharing poems that I write inspired by life events. It means so much to me that you have all taken the time … Continue reading 100 Followers!!!

Poem // Freedom

Written December 20, 2016 ©2016 Avid Journaler Freedom Standing in near darkness, I can see just enough to realize I can’t see a thing beyond my body, illuminated ethereally from above. Looking down I see my hair is loose, cascading over my chest. Wearing a simple black tank top and blue jeans, I feel comfortable, … Continue reading Poem // Freedom

I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

I didn't make it through my whole shift today. For those of you who don't know, I work part-time at a fast food chain near my house. Today I was scheduled to work from 6am to 1pm. I was working Order Take, meaning I would greet people over the headset at the drive thru and … Continue reading I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

Lyrics That Speak To Us

So, I did this thing. I was trying to avoid putting pictures or videos of myself on this blog. I don't know why, but that's not what is important right now. I have written in a previous post about finding ways to express ourselves, whether that's creating or looking at art, music, videos, etc. There's … Continue reading Lyrics That Speak To Us