A Stranger’s Kindness

A just read this article, "An Open Letter to a Person With Mental Illness" by Rachel Griffin on The Huffington Post. I saw the link on Twitter and thought, "Hmm... This could be interesting." I wasn't expecting to be touched emotionally by the content. I wasn't expecting to feel less alone and more understood. But that's … Continue reading A Stranger’s Kindness



Guys! I have 100 followers on this blog! I am so excited and I am completely geeking out! I love writing on this blog about mental illness and my journey with it and sharing poems that I write inspired by life events. It means so much to me that you have all taken the time … Continue reading 100 Followers!!!

Poem // Freedom

Written December 20, 2016 ©2016 Avid Journaler Freedom Standing in near darkness, I can see just enough to realize I can’t see a thing beyond my body, illuminated ethereally from above. Looking down I see my hair is loose, cascading over my chest. Wearing a simple black tank top and blue jeans, I feel comfortable, … Continue reading Poem // Freedom

I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

I didn't make it through my whole shift today. For those of you who don't know, I work part-time at a fast food chain near my house. Today I was scheduled to work from 6am to 1pm. I was working Order Take, meaning I would greet people over the headset at the drive thru and … Continue reading I Didn’t Make it Through My Shift Today

Lyrics That Speak To Us

So, I did this thing. I was trying to avoid putting pictures or videos of myself on this blog. I don't know why, but that's not what is important right now. I have written in a previous post about finding ways to express ourselves, whether that's creating or looking at art, music, videos, etc. There's … Continue reading Lyrics That Speak To Us

Dictating and Transcribing: How to Fall Behind

My sister is a little crazy… or perhaps a lot crazy. The verdict is still out.

Rebecca McLaughlin

  1. Make a goal of dictating into your iPod-slash-recording-device on the way to and from work. Commute productivity!
  2. Dictate diligently. (There will be lots of awkward silences and clicky blinker driving noises. And the occasional chastising of silly cars.)
  3. Be too busy/sleepy to transcribe at the end of the day. Just once or twice–enough to derail you. (ZZzzzzzzZZZ)
  4. Miss at least one turn while driving. (Thankfully, I found my way into my uncle’s apartment complex via a secret, unexpected, clearly labeled second entrance. Also, this seems to be a recurringpattern for me.)
  5. Be busy/sleepy a couple more times. Maybe take the weekend off. (Easter weekend, I’m looking at you.)
  6. Realize that you’re transcribing sessions from exactly one week ago, and you’re starting to feel like you are two electrons in the same orbital, following the same path at the same speed, but doomed to being two steps behind yourself, somehow…

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It’s Okay to Be Sad. It Really is.

john pavlovitz


I hope more of your posts are positive. Is “stuff that needs to be said,” always negative or sad? Life is not a veil of tears and then you die. Just my two cents.”

This comment came in to the blog yesterday, and my knee-jerk response was to inform the author that these posts are not required reading for her; that they are optional endeavors and that she would be well within her rights to steer clear of the writing should she find it depressing or morose or unhelpful.

But after reading her words a few more times, her sentiments became more and more offensive and more and more abrasive to my heart. As someone who has battled severe depression for decades, I recognized them as words I’ve heard hundreds of times before, in more or less carefully couched ways:

“Get over it.”
“Cheer up, life’s too short!”
“Many people have…

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