Poem // Feathers

An uneasy contentment sits restlessly, perched without feathers in the soul. Trust doesn't come easily to we few but many who learned long ago of the ephemerality of joy. Yet still we try, chipping at brick and mortar inadvertently constructed: The last line of defense morphed into a prison. So we sit, trying to engage, … Continue reading Poem // Feathers

Poem // Una poema Divided

Written February 8, 2017 By: Melissa McLaughlin ©2017; McLaughlin Una poema Divided Quiero escribir a poem pero mi mente está divided, medio en inglés, half in Spanish. Everything es confundida, appears lost, como mi. No sé como continue on, encontrar la luz, when everything is dark. No puedo ask for the help that I need … Continue reading Poem // Una poema Divided

Poem // Catch Me When I Fall

Written: January 10, 2017 By: Melissa McLaughlin ©2017 Melissa McLaughlin Catch Me When I Fall Flower petals in full bloom, a soft bed upon which I may rest my head, caress my skin and cushion my landing. Staving off incumbent pain, they fill me now with joy; awe and wonder alights my face, eyes sparkle … Continue reading Poem // Catch Me When I Fall

Poem // Freedom

Written December 20, 2016 ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin Freedom Standing in near darkness, I can see just enough to realize I can’t see a thing beyond my body, illuminated ethereally from above. Looking down I see my hair is loose, cascading over my chest. Wearing a simple black tank top and blue jeans, I feel comfortable, … Continue reading Poem // Freedom

Poem // Illusion

Illusion ©2016 Melissa McLaughlin December 14, 2016 I sit on a brown couch, legs crossed under me, elevated above the ground— separate. Minute movements, small gestures really, disrupt my carefully crafted illusion of stillness, of calm. —Brushing hair from my eyes— —Shoulders heaving in a barely audible sigh— —Fingers tapping knees and thighs— I can’t … Continue reading Poem // Illusion

Poem // Escape

Escape Rough pavement chills my feet as I step briskly, purposefully, off the porch, across the sidewalk, and down the driveway. Toes curl involuntarily into the freezing blades, dewy grass nearly indistinct in the darkness. Hands reach up, grasping around rough, rounded edges, tree limbs offering helping hands. Climbing over and ducking under, my body … Continue reading Poem // Escape

Poem // Pandora

Pandora By: Melissa McLaughlin Written on: November, 30, 2016 Short bursts of breath gust as tension knots my gut. Eyes wander, toes tap fingers twitch or twirl hair. Anything— Everything— Searching for something to captivate attention or hold interest. Frustration builds, heart racing —I can heart it in my ears— body rocks back and forth, … Continue reading Poem // Pandora