This Time Last Year

I just came across my post from this time last year.

Ringing in the New Year last year was not super joyful. I was depressed, defeated, struggling with my job, and crying a lot of the time. I am so happy to say that this New Year has started out in such a great way. In fact, the last six months have been pretty great!


50 ecstatic
40 excited/giddy
30 very happy
20 good day/happy
10 okay day
0 neutral
-10 bleh
-20 hard to concentrate; unhappy
-30 in misery
-40 unbearable
-50 suicidal

You can see that most of my days have been above the yellow line, which I classify as neutral. Overall, things have been going so well lately. I have a new job where I work remotely for about 30 hours a week that I actually enjoy, I haven’t really been feeling depressed at all, and I feel hopeful for the future. I’ve been continuing my artwork and it’s been really enjoyable as opposed to just a way to get through the moments.

Ringing in the New Year was filled with singing Disney songs, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, playing cards, and drinking sparkling white grape juice. It was fantastic. Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone!!!


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