Where Have I Been?

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve last written. Weirdly enough, when I’m doing really well, sometimes I forget about blogging here. So, that’s the good news at least. I’ve been doing really well. The term my psychologist likes to use is “stable.” According to her, this is the longest she’s seen me stable, pretty  much ever since I started seeing her (2 1/2 years ago).

So, what have I been up to?

I’ve been going for walks and going to the gym, doing my best to get some sort of exercise in at least a couple times a week. It makes me feel really good to be a little bit active. It doesn’t have to be much, it could just be 30 minutes on a stationary bike or a mile walk. I will confess that I downloaded Pokémon Go on my phone and that has been a huge motivating factor for me getting out of the house and walking.

Also, my therapist reminds me that I seem to be at my best when I’m productive and creative, so I’ve been doing my best to start being creative again. Over the last two weeks I’ve done several pieces of art, either with acrylic paints or Sharpies.

I’ve also been getting out of the house and going to Starbucks, where I pull out my drawing stuff and just sit for a couple hours, doodling. Staying cooped up inside all day long is not good for me.

Here’s some of the art I’ve been doing:


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