Delving into Writing

So, for the last week or so I have been consumed with my writing. I’m thinking of entering into Pitch Wars with a book that I started writing 5 years ago. I finished a draft months ago and have been working on revisions off and on ever since. Well, the last couple of weeks I have been delving into it a lot! I’ve been working on perfecting a query letter (I’ve already gone through 8 drafts), writing a synopsis, and then I decided to rewrite portions of my book to bring more conflict throughout the story line. It’s been a lot of work and I’ve spent hours on end on it.

I might be working a little obsessively on it…

Then, when I needed a break a couple days ago, I started working on a poetry manuscript. I’ve written a lot of poetry throughout my struggles with depression. Some of them are even on this blog. Well, I put together a Word document with all of my poems that deal with my journey through depression and mental illness and I was left with 77-78 pages of poetry. I typed them up, formatting them as I went, printed them off, edited them, and fixed the edits in the document. I’m thinking about self-publishing the poetry book through Create Space. Have you ever heard of it? Apparently it’s free to publish through the website. The only cost I would have to pay is to buy one of my books so that I can check the formatting in the print version. Then, if anyone buys it, I get royalties. If not, no big deal. 🙂 I’m not for sure going to do this, but I’m definitely considering it.

Now, today, I’m back to editing my book again. It’s taking a lot of dedication, but I feel both creative and productive at the same time which is a huge plus for my depression. Those things are like my weapons against it.

Guys, I love writing.


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