Perils of Not Staying Anonymous

So my blog is not anonymous. I write honestly about my life and experiences and my posts are linked to my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account. This is because I feel very strongly about me personally being very open about my Mental Health Journey. I hope to help and inspire others who are going through/have gone through similar experiences as me. But not staying anonymous has its perils, namely the risk of people you know reading your posts and being upset or offended by them. Obviously that’s never my intention, but it can happen. And then they can reach out to me directly and tell me when I’ve upset them, then leading me to feel obligated to edit what upset them. I don’t want to have to be so careful about what I’m writing that I’m unable to be honest and open with those of you who follow my blog. It’s frustrating, overwhelming, and can lead to tears. So this post is not going on my Facebook or Twitter. But even that risks upsetting people. Anyone have any advice?


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