Taking Care of Myself When Vacation Ends

Vacation was great. Really and truly great. But what happens when it’s over? When you drive for three days to get back home, you finally get there, and your mood drops incredibly fast?

I haven’t really come up with an answer yet. I’m exhausted and hot and my room is filled with boxes from my sister’s room (which isn’t such a huge problem except that I wasn’t expecting it and now my room is even more cluttered than it already was) and I feel sad. I don’t eve know why I feel sad. I’ve been making sure to drink plenty of water because I had way too much caffeine today and no water on the whole drive here and I’ve been sitting and watching a little bit of Big Bang Theory because it’s hilarious and who doesn’t need comedy in their lives?

Thankfully I have therapy tomorrow and that’ll be a great way to evaluate and readjust.

So long story short is basically that change and adjustment in a schedule can be really disruptive and overwhelming at times and can throw you off track. Recognizing it and our vulnerabilities is super important and taking steps to care for ourselves should be a priority.

Rant over.


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