A Bad Day on Vacation is Still a Good Day

So my last post was about how vacation can be rough sometimes, especially while travelling. But weirdly enough, even my “bad” or “rough” days on vacation were still pretty good days, which I could see looking back at my mood graph that I keep.

Mood Graph

Looking at my graph, all of my days on vacation (starting the 28th) have been good days – above zero. Even the days prior to that were good. I’m really glad I have the graph because it puts things in perspective for me. I’ve actually been doing really well lately!


In fact, I’ve been doing really well since the 20th (the last section on the graph that’s all positive)and I started my newest medication (a stimulant) on the 21st. Before that I felt like I was tied to the end of a freaking yo-yo. My mood was constantly going up and down and I felt like I couldn’t find balance. I’m not used to feeling so good for so long but I am loving it. I am being Unmindful of Worries and not focusing on when it will end. Because maybe it won’t. I have no way of knowing. All I want is to be mindful of the present moment and enjoy my time.

I am so excited that things are going so well!


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