Traveling is Hard

So I’m currently driving down to Florida from Michigan with my mom, grandma, and 14-year-old nephew. What have I learned so far?

  • My newest medication is helping me focus – I can drive a little bit again!
  • I love seeing the sights
  • Traveling is hard on me

Traveling is so difficult, for me I think, because of the way it messes with my routine (Not that I had much of one anyways). I’m sitting in a car for hours on end which allows my mind to wander. Given my propensity for catastrophizing, this isn’t always the best thing in the world. Also, lack of sleep. My new stimulant means I can’t sleep in the car and I’m a light sleeper so four people in one hotel room equals less than quality sleep. 

I found my mood declining over the last couple days but luckily I was able to give myself a mental shake and remind myself to breathe. I’ve been trying to practice self care in the best way that I can, meaning making sure I eat food when we stop and making phone calls to reach out for support. 

So yeah, traveling is hard, but at least I got some great pictures!


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