My schedule plan was hard to follow through on. I did pretty well for about a week and then my period hit. I was suddenly fatigued and really emotional. My mood was really low and suddenly I was having difficulty with basic care like brushing my teeth, showering, and eating. And it was the week of like 90 degrees so I couldn’t even go out on my walk. I was struggling.

Then my period passed and I had an extra therapy appointment with my therapist and I was encouraged to get back on track with my schedule and basic care. My mood started improving and now I feel like I’m actually able to function a bit better.

I’ve still been needing to take naps and I’ve had a hard time with my focus, so starting today I’m taking a stimulant, Adderall. It’s a low dose tablet that I’m taking twice a day and I’m really excited about the possibility of not needing to nap and potentially focusing better.

Here goes nothing!


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