When A Post Just Hits You

So, there’s this post from Hazel Hillboro that I read last night that really got to me. All about “revolution in the way society treats mental health.” I’ve linked it below.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re alive. Well, unless literate ghosts are real. What if someone really famous is reading this over my shoulder right now, like George Washington or Tupac?! I hope it’s George. He knows a lot about revolutions. We need a revolution in the way society treats mental health. We’re headed there, we’re […]

via George Washington and Baby Steps — Behind These Hazel Eyes

Now, here’s my reaction. Whoa.

I’ve spent most of the last 6 years diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, severe, and I’ve been really open about it. I never felt any shame or like I had to hide it from people. Well, except for when applying to jobs; then I felt the pressure to keep quiet because I feared not getting the job or being seen as unreliable.

Then, about a month or two ago, my psychiatrist either added to or switched my diagnosis. Suddenly I was hearing words like “mixed state of bipolar.” I think I was scared to ask questions about it, hence why I don’t know if it’s my new diagnosis, replacing the old depression diagnosis, or if it’s an addition. Guys, I have been hesitant when bringing it up, even within my family. That’s not like me. When talking to my work about taking time off a couple weeks ago I told them I struggle with Major Depression and Bipolar but I definitely hesitated for a moment before saying bipolar. I was scared. I was scared of the stigma that other people have and the stigma that I myself might have had. It’s frustrating and it makes me angry and sad all at the same time.

So I agree with Hazel. We need a revolution. I do think that focusing on depression and anxiety is incredibly important. But so too is focusing on bipolar and other mental illnesses that are feared and put off to the side.


5 thoughts on “When A Post Just Hits You

  1. I read the post too, and it was a great post! Living with bipolar is so hard. I have had the diagnosis for nearly 13 years. Every time when meeting someone new, or getting a job, or anything in life I hesitate with telling them about having bipolar. When someone murders someone, its bipolar, when someone texts you too much, they are bipolar, its thrown around everywhere and I am sick of hearing it. When you’re labeled bipolar, you’re “dangerous” well what about the rest of us? I agree with the revolution, something has to be done. Thanks for sharing!

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