Damn Pharmaceutical Companies

Is that who I get to be mad at right now? Pharmaceutical companies?

Are they the reason it would cost the pharmacy over $1000 just to order a new prescription that my doctor ordered? The reason it is $100/month after my insurance has a go at it?

Now, because it’s so expensive, I have to go back to my psychiatrist and ask for something different. But we’ve already tried so many medications. What if she says this is my best bet?

I’ll just have to find a way to make it work I guess.

It’s ridiculous that medications cost so much. Vital medications that can make the difference between functionality and misery and, in severe cases, between life and death. It’s not just mental health either. There are people with other medical conditions that go without necessary medication because it’s just too damn expensive.

So, is it you, Pharmaceutical Companies? Are you who I should be mad at?



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