Adult Coloring Books

A blog post popped up on my feed a short while ago. It was about whether coloring books can be considered meditative or a meditative practice. I didn’t read the article, it was a bit too in-depth for me in my current mental state, but I thought it was cool timing. Because what had I just finished doing an hour earlier? Coloring a page in my adult coloring book.

I never endeavored to own adult coloring books, but now I think I own 3 or 4. I keep getting them as gifts. Oftentimes it is because my family knows I love art-like things. Sometimes it’s because they’ve heard they can be relaxing and they know I struggle a lot with my depression at times.

Here’s the coloring book:

The coloring book

Here’s the page I finished coloring today (and started last night):

The page I colored.

I actually found coloring to be incredibly calming. I think it can be therapeutic or meditative if done mindfully. That means no watching tv or singing to music at the same time while coloring. Just sitting and coloring. Put thought into what you’re doing, what colors you’re choosing, the feel of the paper under your hand.

I don’t remember exactly who bought me this coloring book but, to whoever got it for me, thank you!!


For anyone who knows me really well, can you guess what I used to color it in?
20170201_174358If you guessed Sharpies, you are totally right! Yes, that’s a Ziploc bag full of Ultra Fine Point Sharpies. 🙂


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