Painting to Bring Me Out of My Mindlessness

The other night I was pretty miserable. I didn’t really want to do anything and, as a result, ended up playing a computer game (Civilization V) for hours. And I do mean hours. I finally realized that I had reached a point where I was no longer enjoying the game. I was playing mindlessly, as if my mind was in a daze or haze. It was hard to focus.

After calling a friend and rambling (at times I felt like I didn’t even know what I was saying), I decided I needed to do something. So I decided to paint. That would require me to be actively doing something. To concentrate.

So I put on a movie (“Inside Out”) on my computer, grabbed my table easel and acrylics, and went to work. Before the movie was finished, I finished my painting. It did what I had hoped. I was captivated by color, brush strokes, and sponge dabbing. It was so wonderful.

This is what I came up with:




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