Poem // Catch Me When I Fall

Written: January 10, 2017
By: Melissa McLaughlin
©2017 Melissa McLaughlin

Catch Me When I Fall

Flower petals in full bloom,
a soft bed upon which I may rest my head,
caress my skin and cushion my landing.

Staving off incumbent pain,
they fill me now with joy;
awe and wonder alights my face,
eyes sparkle with a gentle content.

This fragrant aroma,
nature’s subtle perfume,
makes me sigh and close my eyes.
Muscles unclench and tension ebbs,
sunlight’s warmth, a blanket of comfort.

This simple beauty,
so often overlooked,
is an unexpected remedy in darkest times.

Rapid, shallow breathing slows,
frantic thoughts find calm,
the worries and fears that no one knows
rest of moments and smiles dawn.

I tumbled like Alice,
lost and dazed,
dreading the agony of when I would land.
The innocent beauty of the world’s rebirth
has lent its helping hands.

I cried out loud and was granted my wish,
my hope, my prayer, my plea:
Please someone catch me, save me, help me;
from my eternal pain, set me free.

Fingers curl around silky flowers’ blooms,
I lift them to my face.
This bliss, this safety, this haven I’m in,
the memory of which, I’ll never erase.


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