Poem // Freedom

Written December 20, 2016
©2016 Melissa McLaughlin


Standing in near darkness,
I can see just enough to realize
I can’t see a thing beyond my body,
illuminated ethereally from above.

Looking down I see my hair is loose,
cascading over my chest.
Wearing a simple black tank top and blue jeans,
I feel comfortable,
like I’m in a second skin.
Naked toes peek out from under pant cuffs,
bare feet feel pleasantly chilled
against a smooth ground.

I don’t know much;
not where I am,
not where I was going,
not even my name.

Breaths come evenly, easily.
Fingers flex, wrists and shoulders roll;
a smile of deep contentment
spreads across my face.
No tension.
No pain.
I have a nagging inkling
that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Worries don’t exist here,
wherever this is.
Throwing arms up in the air,
I twirl in celebration,
bare feet skipping,
hair flying,
as an exultant laugh bubbles up.

Louder and louder I laugh
and cry out in excitement
until, eyes bright,
tears flow down my cheeks.

The light overhead grows blindingly bright
Yet my eyes don’t hurt.

I am free.


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