Poem // To My Depression

To My Depression
©2016 Melissa McLaughlin

You slink into my mind.
A chameleon, you blend in,
nearly imperceptible,
until I forget you’re there.

You mirror my voice and intonation
until I can’t tell where I leave off
and you

Frustration with a misery that never seems to end
builds and suddenly I think,
“I can’t handle this.
I just want to take all my pills.”

It isn’t me, is it?
Not my authentic voice.
Not my desire.
Not my thought.

So let me just say this:

“Fuck you.”

You don’t get to call the shots,
I won’t let you decide.
You tell me that I want to die,
but this life, I say, is mine.
I recognize your insidious ways,
the way you creep, cajole, and lie;
I’ll cling to truth, family, and friends,
the strength of an army on my side.


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