Coaching Call

Usually I don’t call my therapist until I’m really anxious or in a bad state. I think about calling, tell myself, “Maybe I don’t need to call,” wait, and then end up calling hours later. Over time, it’s made me realize that sometimes I just need to call earlier.

So today, when I situation came up, I called.

The situation: One of my sister’s friends called her, saying she was feeling suicidal, in a very similar way to how I felt suicidal 2 1/2 years ago, and my sister’s advice (to go give her medication to a roommate) is what did at that time.

My Emotion:


Intensity Level:

60 (down to 40 by the time I called, after going outside and getting some food)

My Thought:

“This is the exact same situation as when I was suicidal”

When I called my therapist, we went through the emotions, the intensity level, and my thoughts. Then we went through the facts of the situation.


  • It’s not me in that situation
  • It’s not the same situation
  • It’s been 2 1/2 years since I was suicidal
  • My situation was 2014; Now it’s 2016
  • I’m not her, I’m me

Then my therapist asked me what a catastrophe would be.

Catastrophizing the Situation:

This situation with my sister’s friend puts me back in that same space


it’s not the same.

The last question my therapist asked was, “Does the intensity of the emotion fit the facts?”


After running through checking the facts, my emotional intensity was down to a 20. My therapist advised me to work on some opposite action.

Opposite to sadness = doing things to make me happy

She told me to focus on the CHANGE skills; ABC PLEASE, including accumulating positives with pleasant activities.

Some things I’ve decided to do:

  • Finish my blended frozen chai latte
  • Watch Charmed
  • Do some art
  • Do some writing
  • Maybe go to a store

I’m so glad I called my therapist quickly. I’ve been home alone and, instead of letting myself sit with the strong emotions, I did my best to deal with everything head-on.

On to more pleasant activities!


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