When Writing Becomes Hard

I’ve been wanting to write a post for a week yet I’ve been unable to.

The first sentence of this post was written a day before this sentence. My mood has been… low. I think I described it in therapy today as “monotone.” I don’t mean that I was speaking in a monotone (although I had isolated myself and so I guess I didn’t have much of an opportunity to know whether I actually was speaking a certain way). What I mean is that a lack of energy permeated my being and the way I saw everything around me, almost as if I was seeing things in a gray-scale. All I’ve wanted to do is escape, to sink into sleep where I don’t feel this terrible weight pressing down on me. I haven’t been able to write nearly anything; not a blog post, not a journal entry, not poetry. I’ve been unable to access that healthy release and I’ve been left in misery.

So, yesterday, I wrote a sentence. The first sentence of this post. And I closed my browser. Today I opened it up and I was able to write more. So, I guess the main point of this post is to keep on writing. Even if it’s just a sentence, a word, or a character, keep writing. Eventually we will be able to add more, to get our thoughts and emotions out, and that escape and release is something that must be cultivated, must be maintained.

Good luck writing.


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