Poem // Disappointment

Written September 9, 2016
©2016 Melissa McLaughlin

What is it about people
that disappoints me so much?
Unfulfilled promises?
But no – it wasn’t a promise.
Not really.
Those two words never left your mouth.

A commitment then – one that you backed out of
does “sure, we can do that later” count?
To me it does
but not to you it seems.
Put off until it’s so late we barely have time
or none at all.

Is that the problem?
Is it you?

Or is it me?

Have I built it up in my mind?
This dark cloud twisting, morphing
casual plans into something bigger
making things all about me…
Is that my new reality?

One where I’m furious at you?
Or degrading myself?

Not good enough
Not important
A burden
A chore –
Not you but me.

These thoughts spurred on,
a tumbling cascade that spirals down,
from a simple missed oppirtunity.

A card game that didn’t happen.
A game of Monopoly started too late.

So what’s the problem?
You or me?
Depression closes in.


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