Poem // The Price of Silence

August 29, 2016
©2016 Melissa McLaughlin

Endless nights and starry skies
A flash of blonde and azure eyes
Quickly glimpsed then hides away
Never knowing quite what to say

Laughter echoes all around
Seeming to be the only sound
No one hears her haunting cries
Undecided thoughts to live or die

Beauty captures the beholder’s gaze
No one sees the cloudy haze
Covering, smothering her very soul
Creating new and ending, frightening goals

We try to capture her attention here
Never sensing her growing fear
Eyes flit up, a smile like paste
Later on you’ll think, “Oh, what a waste.”

Her life should have been so long, so great
No one will say this was her fate
For death this way should be no one’s end
And no it’s not just some fancy trend

No one could hear her screaming inside
She felt there was no one in whom she could confide
If only she knew the truth of the world
That we were all there to hear and to hold

Family and friends, we were all there to help
To try and lift her out of her personal hell.


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