The Power of Artistic Expression

I love creating art.

There is something very powerful in being able to put thoughts or feelings into a work of art, whether that’s writing creatively, drawing, painting, etc. I fell in love with all of these things about 5 years ago.  My current obsession is Sharpie Markers. I absolutely love the vibrancy and variety of colors. 🙂

So, the not-so-good part is that I’ve been becoming steadily more depressed over the last month and a half. Despite starting a new medication (and feeling good for the three immediate days following that), I’ve become quite depressed, especially over the last 4(ish) days.

Now the good news.  I channeled all that depression into a work of art:


I took every emotion that I was feeling, or that I associate with depression, and put it to paper.  It took hours, but over the course of a day I focused on it when I felt at my worst and finished it.  Some people might think that focusing on all of that might make me feel worse, but it didn’t. I was already feeling horrible – this just gave me a healthy outlet in which to express myself.

The next day I was still feeling very depressed, but I decided that since I already did one piece focused on negativity associated with depression that I “should” (I dislike that word) it might be beneficial to do a piece focused on a more positive message. Although it’s based in a more positive message, I didn’t feel all “happy-happy-colorful,” so I decided to do simple black and white:


This piece also took hours to complete, mainly because it was completely freehand, but it was a great thing to focus on. 🙂

I realized, throughout this skillful (as in using DBT skills) exercise, that making sure I pay attention to the positive messages (even if I don’t feel positive myself in that moment) is so important to my mental health and well-being.

You don’t have to be super skilled to do art. Art is simply about honest expression, whether that’s a crayon drawing, an oil painting, or doodles in Sharpie. 🙂

Much love,



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