A Positive Post

I was talking with my oldest sister a few days ago about my blog.  While it’s true that I didn’t post for quite a while, I still feel like, in some small way, I am making an impact on people.  Even if only one person reads my blog and is encouraged or helped, I feel like this is completely worth it.

In the past, especially 6 months ago and more, a lot of my posts were focused on the negative events going on in my life, mainly because that’s what I focused on. At times it felt like there was nothing positive going for me.

Now it feels like things are completely different – in the best way possible!!!

I’m viewing things in a more positive light, am having a great time, and actually haven’t really been depressed in quite some time! I have been participating in social (family events) again, most notably helping my nephew with his homework.  I’ve been feeling quite patient and understanding.  Now I’m not feeling great/fantastic 100% of the time, but I’m able to recover fairly quickly from my emotional fluctuations and disturbances.

I just want to say something to everyone reading this. Things will and do get better!  (I hated hearing this at times, especially from those who have not been through what I’ve been through.)

Let me say this: no one’s experience will be like yours. No one person experiences something in the same way as another person. It’s impossible. We all react differently, especially emotionally. So I can only speak to you as someone who has experienced what I have experienced.  I’ve been through difficult times, depression, and more.  And all I can say is that, from my own experiences, things will get better!

Best wishes to you all! ❤ Much love!


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