Having a GREAT Time

I’ve has an amazing last week.  Even a few days ago, when my sister’s plumbing basically exploded and I was up until 7am helping her clean, was so great.  You wouldn’t think I would enjoy cleaning up backed up plumbing for hours and a flooded laundry room, but I was bouncing with energy (positive mental energy and physical energy as well).  I listened to my favorite Demi Lovato playlist 3-4 times in a row, sang really loud, and kept encouraging my sister.

This would not have even been a remote possibility had my depression been acting up.  But it wasn’t, and I was in such a good mood. It felt like old times, before my depression really presented itself – that was almost 5 years ago.

My week just continued to be awesome.  My psychiatry appointment on Wednesday went really well, and at 6am on Thursday my Aunt picked me up (along with her niece a.k.a. one of my younger cousins) and we took a road trip to visit my older cousin at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois who is an A1C (Airman 1st Class) in the Air Force!  Including stops and everything we made the trip in about 11 hours – the not so great part being that I ended up feeling quite car-sick for most of the ride.  So, instead, I just listened to music and napped for most of the time.

I’ve never been on a military base before, and it has been amazing!  It’s impressive and beautiful, and seeing my cousin (who I haven’t seen since Christmas) has been absolutely fantastic!!!!   We hung out, talked for hours, and went and had a really nice meal out.  She was supposed to have to work all day today as well, but ended up getting the day off.  So we have spent a lot of time playing a tile game called Qwirkle!  It’s a game of colors and shapes – sort of like a puzzle game and I adore it!

I’ve basically been bouncing with positive energy all week and I can definitely get used to it!

Positive thoughts, positive energy, positive life!


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