Helping Others Helps Yourself

I had plans for today. I had a couple positive things that I was going to do, specifically painting and reading.  As the end of the day rolls around, I look back and realize I didn’t do either one of the things I had planned out.  What I did do was even better. It was unplanned and totally fulfilling.  I ended up sitting at a table with my 13-year-old nephew for 3 hours, helping him with a school project on the computer. Perhaps that sounds incredibly dull or boring to you, but I had an amazing time.  My nephew and I had many “bonding moments” and I ended up surprising myself with levels of patience I didn’t realize I still had.  And you know what was great? My help was appreciated and I hope I made his homework time more bearable. 🙂

It wasn’t what I planned – and that was completely okay. This experience made me feel great about myself, like I really contributed to someone else for a change. It was a great reminder of the importance of flexibility and keeping an open mind for plans.


I had such a great day!! 😀


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