Getting Back to What You Love

When depression hits, it pulls us away from what we love.  Since I’ve been feeling better, I’ve being going back to some things that I love to do, namely reading and art.

A few nights ago I started a new book entitled “Cinder,” by Marissa Meyer.  I soon became too tired to continue reading, but I was hooked.  I read for an hour the next morning before ever getting out of bed.  Then, after a quick meal, I went back and read for 4-5 hours straight, until I finished the book.   Now, this isn’t necessarily what I would call the most productive use of my time, but I still consider it time well spent.  I was doing something I loved that made me feel great. 🙂

Last night, I went back to my art. I love all kinds of art: sketching, watercolors, oils, acrylics, etc. This time, I decided to pick up an acrylic painting I had started a few weeks ago, but never finished. I worked on it for a couple hours yesterday and a couple already today.  It’s taking a while and I’m enjoying it so much.  It’s also a great exercise in patience. 🙂


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