In therapy this week my therapist mentioned that typically people do not stay in DBT for more than 2 years.  I’ve already been seeing my therapist for over a year and so this freaked me out.  I don’t think I revealed my shock externally, but I definitely felt it.  I started feeling insecure.  Was this her way of telling me she doesn’t want to see me anymore?  After a mental head shake I realized this was not the case.  She was just giving me the facts so we could discuss it at a future date.  She doesn’t want me to be blindsided down the road.

It’s interesting that my mind went in that direction, however.  How many of us feel this way?  That people don’t want us around, don’t want to help us, or that we’re somehow deficient?  I believe it is very important to realize that we are worth being helped, and any therapist worth their salt isn’t just going to “dump” you for no reason.  Also, if we are feeling these insecurities, we should feel safe enough to voice them to our therapists.  If we don’t feel safe enough to do that, then perhaps we aren’t seeing the right therapist anyway.

We are worth help.  We are worth getting better.  We are worth the truth.


Believe it!


2 thoughts on “Nervous

  1. My counselor said suggested a few weeks ago that I go further between sessions. Mentally, I went the direction you did. I felt abandoned. I brought it up with her the next session, and she explained that that wasn’t what she meant. She meant that I was making good progress. My suggestion is to bring it up next time you see her, and she will clarify it for you. I have a feeling that she was just giving you a fact.

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