Dictating and Transcribing: How to Fall Behind

My sister is a little crazy… or perhaps a lot crazy. The verdict is still out.

words — and other things

  1. Make a goal of dictating into your iPod-slash-recording-device on the way to and from work. Commute productivity!
  2. Dictate diligently. (There will be lots of awkward silences and clicky blinker driving noises. And the occasional chastising of silly cars.)
  3. Be too busy/sleepy to transcribe at the end of the day. Just once or twice–enough to derail you. (ZZzzzzzzZZZ)
  4. Miss at least one turn while driving. (Thankfully, I found my way into my uncle’s apartment complex via a secret, unexpected, clearly labeled second entrance. Also, this seems to be a recurringpattern for me.)
  5. Be busy/sleepy a couple more times. Maybe take the weekend off. (Easter weekend, I’m looking at you.)
  6. Realize that you’re transcribing sessions from exactly one week ago, and you’re starting to feel like you are two electrons in the same orbital, following the same path at the same speed, but doomed to being two steps behind yourself, somehow…

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