Poem // Online


©2015 Melissa McLaughlin

You think you know?
Know who I am?
Based on what?
What you see online
some smiley-faced girl
blue eyes, whatever color my hair is dyed?

I cry inside.
My hands are tied
no not tied, but bound
bound with chains behind my back
skin rubbed raw
I strain in pain
try so hard to escape the dark
that surrounds my heart, my head, my chest
my everything is gone
obscured in shadow

A light appears
So bright white it hurts
just out of reach
I fall back
still cast in black
I try so hard
yet my reach is short.

But go ahead
You see my face,
The smiles, the family, the friends
that surround my life
virtually at least.
You make those judgments
You make the calls
You decide if I have it all

And when you think you know my mind
from everything you found online
treat me based on what you find

but don’t be surprised when I want to die.


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