Spoken Word Poetry… Maybe?

I was in the car with Mary and her friend Kristina yesterday evening when I decided I was going to write a poem that night. Mary immediately encouraged me to write a poem right then while I was in the car. So I did. I spent the next ten minutes purposely not paying attention to anything my sister was saying. Literally, when she was talking to me or asking me a question I would divert enough of my attention to say, “I’m busy. I’m ignoring you right now.” Then I would go back to writing my poem.
This consumed so much of my attention because I had decided that I was going to try to write something different than my usual poetry. I was going to try spoken word poetry, which is what is view as performance poetry, a poem that is meant to be heard, not necessarily just read. So I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with… Please let me know what you think!!


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