Poem // The Shroud

Written 5/15/15

©2015 Melissa McLaughlin

Darkness surrounds me.
Lighter memories of days gone by
swirl chaotically around me,
blurred and bleeding into one.

Shaking hands reach out to grab hold of
Earnest fingers grip air and smoke
that drifts away,
fading into the distance.


Hope has long been crushed underfoot
as I stumbled,
searching for a way out
of my dark abyss
My merciless mind.

Splinters of light break through the world around me.
This swirling shroud is
torn away, leaving me
blinded by the lack of night.

After time, eyes adjust
tentatively accepting the bright vision without.

The dark shawl that once seemed endless
hangs from my hand to the grass below,
Enticing me back towards
the safety of comfort.

Unable to quite let go
yet I take furtive steps towards
the horizon
towards that which has been hidden
from me for so long:



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